Mad Sound Factory
Mad Sound Factory

You cannot describe exactly what it is — you can make any kind of music using the Drop, from roots pre-sequences techno to ambient landscapes, from 8-bit craze to pop-style dancy-fancies.

And you'll play it live - Drop is designed to be played, just like a classic music instrument.

A self-contained analog groovebox, that uses LFO as a clock generator with divider - no programming needed to get highly complex absolutely crazy neverending and never repeating (analog!) rhytmic galore and fractal textures.

Otherwise, it can be triggered manually with a pad, or via external trigger — so it works like a highly sophisticated drum module.

Six unique analog noise osclilators, classic BD generator with old-style analog VCA, sub-octave oscillator with an extra click — all patched (or repatched) to two wide-range LFOs or anything external — via bananas — for neverending rhytmic galore, and then soaked in a specially designed analog saturation.

Full, bold, vivid and textured, rich analog sound — because of a highly ingenious, odd and peculiar circuits. Think NOS, discrete, germanium and unobtanium.

Thanks to a fully analogue design Drop can play the same sequence for hours without being annoying. Stunning!

A vast field for experimentation thanks to a modular design with all its inputs and outputs. You'll lose yourself in a black hole of sounds repatching it even without any external modules.

Banana sockets used in Drop are compatible with any external synths and modules — eurorack or buchla or analog sync — no problem.

You can even use bare cable without jacks to patch bananas. What about playing the Drop with jacks touching banana sockets? Did you know that your bare fingers are good for patching it too?

Go bananas!

Drop is bringing back the real, instant joy and fun of playing electronic instruments live, for music beyond grids, borders, and programming, that makes an art happen as a reward.

Or — at least — a piles of a pure bliss and delight.

VCO - Tone part:

octave and 2 octaves sub-oscillators
analog FM
Extra click oscillator
decay envelope generator, routed to VCA and FM
old-style extra punchy VCA

Bananas: frequency modulation in
envelope trig in (for both VCO and NG)

NG - Noise part:
original analog 6-types of noise/harmonics generator
analog FM
decay envelope generator, routed to VCA
old-style extra punchy VCA
Mad VCA feedback mode for extra madness

noise generator mode modulation in
frequency modulation in
vca amplitude modulation in
envelope trig in (for both VCO and NG)

LFO 1:
clock oscillator for triggering
up to audio rates
6 divisions outputs

Frequency modulation in
Clock in
Reset in
6 step divider outs
Triangle out

LFO 2:
up to audio rates
3 frequency ranges
triangle and pulse
variable shape adjustment

triangle out
pulse out
gate in

Noise generator mode
Main LFO 1 speed and divider action


Main tone oscillator
-1 octave tone oscillator
-2 octaves sub oscillator
Click oscilllator
Noise generator

Analog saturation:
Mixer routed to "Ordinary Magic Bee Jelly Tech" by Zvukofor Sound Labs.
Amount of saturation - harmonics quantity
Saturation bias - harmonics type

old-school soft and gentle LPF with adaptive resonance

Output section buit with discrete germanium NOS transistors for an extra mojo, grit, crunch and warmth.
Both Jack and Banana has the same output.

Drop is pretty compact — it easily fits in a backpack or ordinary shopper or whatever you use to drop your swimsuit to.

Drop is powered via USB-C — from any power bank, phone charger or a laptop, pocket nuclear reactor or even a solar battery, if your star is close enough and you have enough sunny days to play with it. Modern world demands and requirements.

Mad Sound Factory is an askew blend of creative and rational minds, a crew of engineers-artists, united to invent and forge music instruments on the fringe of unique and plain crazy.

It is the place where all mad ideas from the deepest corners of engineer's minds and highest clouds of artists' dreams came to life.

We are here to bring back the instant joy and fun of playing electronic instruments, for music beyond grids, borders, and programming, that makes an art happen as a reward.

Mad Sound Factory